Frustrated whimpers

My main kink is for reactions. I adore those little gasps of breath, the whimpers, the moment when the skin starts to pinken. If I touch Schatzi in a certain way, he tenses his entire body for a moment, then melts into relaxation before experiencing a full body shudder. It's absolutely delicious!

I also quite like the idea of chastity cages. The idea of locking up what's mine when I'm not using it has an appeal. It's also a tangible reminder of roles. But I hesitate because I love reactions and orgasms cause wonderfully entertaining reactions. I'm also rather a fan of the desperate pleading to be allowed to orgasm.

I had an experience a few days ago that may have changed my mind. The frustrated whimper from between my legs when he wanted so badly to be inside of me was one of the most delicious sounds I've ever heard.

Men are so fun to torture!


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