Not Micromanaging My Pleasure

When it comes to my partner pleasing me, (through massage, all over kisses, stroking, oral, or sex), I prefer to just lay back and enjoy.

There seems to be this idea that the Domme in question is going to oversee everything. Yes, lick in X spot for Y minutes and 33 seconds and hold your hand thusly while kneeling in this fashion.

That's just not me at all. I want to see what he'll do to please me, I want to be surprised by a sudden change or teased a bit on occasion.

It just seems somehow more submissive to me when it's his idea to do something he knows I'll like rather than following an order. Plus, it forces him to pay attention to my reactions, and thus be entirely focused on me, rather than counting in his head and wondering if he's doing it right.

Also, boys can get pretty creative when you give them some leeway and I might learn I liked something I had no idea about.

Being petted to sleep, for example.

I'm addicted.


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