I'm a caregiver by nature and I like the people I like to be happy. In my Pre-Schatzi relationships, I tended to end up playing almost a service-top role more than a dominant one. There's nothing wrong with that but it didn't meet all my relationship needs. But I was, I don't know, oblivious (?) at the moment.

When I looked for Schatzi I intentionally looked for a relationship with a caregiver (handler) role. I went into it with an expectation of doing the petting, the cuddling, the pampering. And I fucking love it!

But I began to realize that I really did want that pampering for myself too. So I began to look for another with a very specific set of wants that revolved mostly around my not doing much but being waited on hand and foot :) Which isn't very practical full time but is a nice thought.

I posted an ad at a few places and got one particularly interesting response. Which lead to a meeting and, eventually, to my lying naked in bed being petted to sleep.

It is so wonderful to be so at ease with someone that I could let that happen. It's so nice to be so sure of his submission that I don't worry that he'll feel left out, because he takes such joy in just being allowed to touch me. And it is so extremely relaxing to have hands gently, slowly running over my legs and back until I drift off.

The noises are incredible too. I don't even know if he realizes he's making these tiny little moany whimpers (whimpery moans?) but they are absolutely delicious!

I asked him once in the beginning if his arms weren't tired, he said no, he could do it all night. I might test that at some point (or I may just drift off into soothing sleep).


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